DailyLife is a company of artists, based between Lille in the North of France and Bridlington in Yorkshire, the North of England, but they work wherever they are invited! The core team of DailyLife is Carl Cordonnier, Photographer and Penny Rae, Writer. They are joined on projects by friends and collaborators who may be Designers,  Film makers or Musicians.  DailyLife explores peoples’ stories through photographs, films, publications, installations and interactive experiences. Their work has been presented in places such as the Madrid Metro, an indoor market in Cork, an Arts Centre in Lille, a hospital ward in Glasgow and a hill school in India. They work with people in all kinds of situations, both with individuals who have theri own story to tell to groups of people brought together to tell one particular story. They have worked from Senegal to Seville, from India to Ireland.

The stories they tell have often been left untold. They have been fragile and needed courage to be expressed. The moments they have shared with people have been joyful, moving, difficult, unimagined or unexpected but always priveleged.