Carl Cordonnier works as a Photographer/Visual Artist with the company he founded in France, DailyLife. He works in France, UK and across the world, depending on the commissions and projects he is invited to develop and document. He creates portraits of people by engaging them closely in the Artistic process, whether working with young people or older people and by sharing ideas and perspectives with the people he is photographing.

His projects are very diverse, amongst which are a photographic outdoor exhibition of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with young people excluded from mainstream education and an exhibition of huge images on silk sheets, MAM presented on washing lines in Senegal, Africa in collaboration with local women. He has worked on issues such as immigration ‘Emigrance’ and health ‘You, me and TB.’ He has worked with Penny Rae on long term projects of photographs and texts through projects such as ‘New Young Europeans’ ‘Living Europe’ and various publications for Scotland based ‘Art in Hospitals.’

He is currently engaged in health and equal rights international projects.